Presentations and Publications


  • E. M. Pickering, “EDIFES 0.4: Scalable Data Analytics for Commercial Building Virtual Energy Audits,” M.S. Thesis, Dept. Mech. and Aero. Eng., Case Western Reserve Univ., 2016.
  • E. M. Pickering, M. A. Hossain, R. H. French, and A. R. Abramson, “Exploratory Data Analytics for Building Energy Efficiency: Time Series Applications and System Identification.” In Preparation.
  • M. A. Hossain, E. M. Pickering, R. H. French, and A. R. Abramson, “Building Energy Consumption Prediction: A Data Science Approach.” In Preparation.


  • SHORT TALK – “EDIFES: Scalable Data Analytics Platform for Virtual Building Energy Audits”, 2nd Annual Data Science Symposium, Tohoku University, 2016
  • “Virtual Diagnostics for Building Energy”, Engineering Week Banquet, Case School of Engineering, 2016
  • “Data Analytics for Building Energy Efficiency”, Data and Life Science Collaboration and Symposium, Case School of Medicine, Case School of Engineering and Tohoku University, 2015
  • “Identifying Building Energy Markers with Data Analytics”, SOURCE Symposium, Case Western Reserve University, 2015
  • “Time Series Analytics on Building Energy Operation”, Intersections Symposium, Case Western Reserve University, 2015
  • “Multi-Layer Insulation for Nuclear Reactors in Blackbody Space Conditions”, NASA Glenn Research Center, Intern Project Presentations, 2014